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Software Features

General Features

  • Easy to use interface, designed for inexperienced cashiers.
  • Reduce shrinkage and costly checkout errors.
  • Security access levels with password distinction.
  • Virtual vouchers (airtime and electricity) supported at till points.
  • Security scanning with short list to enforce cashiers to scan products.
  • Cash Drawer management facilitates cash drops which reflect in the final cash up.
  • Barcoded vouchers for deposit items, and small change.
  • Discounts and customised promotions including automatic discounts for specific customers, classes of customers or quantities or a combination of these.
  • Price protection with notifications on below-cost selling.
  • Sales order module incorporating backorder and delivery reports.

Other Features

Stock Management

  • Inventory control of stock and suppliers, short code and bar core entries.
  • Generate and print barcode labels for items without barcodes.
  • Up to 5 pack sizes allowed per product code, no refer codes needed.
  • Allows for a group of items to auto price update, including all pack sizes.
  • Allows weight per product as well as total weight per invoice or sales order.
  • Audit trial of full price maintenance.
  • Data extractions for various distributors available per stock item per client.
  • Full control over stock revaluations.
  • Nett cost and suppliers list price functionality.
  • Supports up to 5 different warehouses.
  • Data extractions for various distributors available per stock item per client.
  • Bill of materials catered for with manufacturing of items.
  • Entry of stock per delivery note finalising the GRV when the invoice has been received.
  • Inventory counts (full or partial) with or without the use of Portable data terminals.
  • Scale products linked directly to scales therefore price changes are immediate.

Branch Management

  • Summarised reporting is available. Reports per group totals as well as per branch for:
    • Turnover and gross profits
    • Banking totals
    • Stock item performance

Debtor Management

  • Interest calculation options for accounts.
  • On-screen warnings of overdue accounts and exceeded credit limits.
  • Purchase history available on customers.
  • Complete tracking of debtor system- balances, open invoices, cash debtors, picking slips, sales orders, back orders etc.
  • Personalise statements with regard to layout and company logo
  • Print, email or Fax statements (current or previous month).
  • Salesman allocation to certain debtors/debtor groups.

Creditor Management

  • Automatic payment reconciliation while creating your payment advise.
  • Claims and goods returned allowed for.
  • Item performance per supplier per month available.
  • Negotiated discounts and settlements allowed for.
  • Rate of sale and stock holding specifications allow for automatic generating of supplier orders.

Our Industries


Small Retail Stores

A POS system for small business retailers just starting out. Features include sales, inventory and management features which will suit every pocket and get your business growing in no time. See all the software features here.Read More »

Liquor Stores

Features such as a designated empties function ensure the best management of operational activities within a liquor store, tavern or business alike.Read More »

Hardware Stores

Powerful and advanced inventory management tools for small to even the most extensive inventory range. Quick sales processing is allowed with an easy to use interface.Read More »


Improved security measures by means of unique barcodes on invoices, delivery or collection notes provide for better business. Give the customer what they want, and how they want it, with effortless management of various pack sizes.Read More »


Direct integration with scales without any third-party software, which eliminates the risk of staff forgetting to run third-party integration software.This also reduces the loss of profit. Also, with Unipos, butcheries can create a Recipe Items for all house-brand products manufactured in-house.Read More »


Integrated scale linking without any third-party software needed. Fast and efficient sales module available in normal sales and touch-screen. Also, users can make use of the Stock Groups feature to group similar items together to ease price changes.Read More »