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How we started

Today, Unipos point of sale services more than a 1000 stores. However, every story has a beginning. Unipos point of sale started in 1986, still trading as CC Computers Kimberley. By observing the challenges and needs of the trading environment from his 20+ years as a manager for The Foschini Group, Chris Rossouw gathered a team to code and create the first point of sale software of its kind. Needless to say, he sparked an idea that led to thousands of hours spent on development and problem solving. The Unipos point of sale program evolved from a DOS operating system to Windows, rolling out more than 200 versions, each one better than the last.

The difference

Unipos Point of Sale software and hardware works perfectly in liquor stores, supermarkets, hardware stores, butcheries, cash & carry’s and other smaller or larger retail stores. Our different software packages are guaranteed to suit your business size and pocket! We will even help you assess which hardware solutions would drive your business forward.

Did we say 24 HOUR support?

Yes we did! We pride ourselves in our customer relationships, because we develop software for our customers, with our customers in mind. Unipos has expert support agents on call 24/7 !¬†Whether via a call, email or online, we’re here to help. We also have a Unipos Knowledge Base with a FAQ section and informative articles about Unipos software.

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