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Unipos point of sale has a vast range of features and benefits that all work together to create a powerful management package. Across the various software packages, a combination of essential features are present. Some of the general features are listed below but also features specifically valuable to Wholesalers.

Security checkpoint

Loosing stock because of customers duplicating invoices? We’ve got the solution! The Unipos security checkpoint feature prints a unique barcode on each invoice, delivery note or collection note. This slip needs to be scanned for the stock to leave the premises. As soon as a copy invoice or forged reprint is scanned at the security checkpoint the system will immediately stop. This will stop any stock going out without paperwork or the correct paperwork for that matter.

Pack sizes – single, shrinks and cases

Allows for prices to be set according to volume or quantity sold for promotions such as “buy in bulk and get a cheaper price” No need for separate listing where different pack sizes of the same product are sold. This allows for consolidated sales history per stock item.

Empty Vouchers

This feature facilitates a dedicated point for receiving empties. A cash-up will be generated for the number of empties received at this point and the value thereof. The client receives a virtual empty voucher that can now be redeemed in store. Unipos also has full reporting on vouchers redeemed as well as outstanding vouchers.

Coin Vouchers

Large quantities of coins delivered to a central point – Cash Office – value voucher issued and used as tender type at the till. No more excessive delays in checkout lines due to coin counting.

Discount Matrix

Allows for multi-level discounts for customer groups based on either list price, selling price or markup on cost. This dramatically reduces the need to intervene at the till point when clients are purchasing goods.

Credit limits on debtor accounts

Can be configured individually per debtor and will prevent selling to clients that have already exceeded the debtor limit.

7 day and 30 day ageing of accounts

Allows for easier management of debtor accounts.