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Small retail stores

Small Retail Stores

Unipos point of sale has a vast range of features and benefits that all work together to create a powerful management package. Across the various software packages, a combination of essential features are present. Some of the general features are listed below but also features specifically valuable to small retail stores.

This is a typical Boutique store, Corner café, internet café or any business alike. For these stores, it might be economically nonviable or impossible to spend a large amount of money on a stock management system. Our software does not discriminate between small and large businesses and is designed to cater for all. This allows these small businesses to expand the point of sale system as the business grows.

Easy to use interface

Designed with even the most inexperienced in mind.

Cash Control

Cash-up features enables accurate end of day reporting without the hassle. The cash-up can be done by the cashier. End of day reporting will include various kinds of sale transactions such as cash sales, credit card sales, airtime sales,

Better Stock Control

Receive invoices of stock purchased easily into the system. Unipos point of sale software keeps track of sales by deducting sales quantities by itself, to automatically balance all stock levels.

Model Stock Order

Improved productivity through quick efficient processes. “Automatic” recommended order, which is based on rate of sales over a pre-defined period set by the user, suggests a stock order that can be placed by the business owner. This calculation is done automatically as set per supplier. Optimization of stock levels results in improved cash flow.

Multiple Barcodes

More than 1 barcode per item is allowed without needing to change the item stock code or item itself. Adding multiple barcodes to an item eases out general problems that occur when a supplier changes a barcode. These problems usually are duplicate items, old stock items not scanning anymore and any impact on reporting history of a specific item.

Stock Take

Unipos facilitates a 3-step stock take system. Through the integrated filter system in the stock take module, it allows for extremely effective checking of stock take variance.  This allows for partial stock counts any time of day as well as full department counts or store counts. This can be done live with a tablet connected wireless to the store, a portable PDT scanner or with manual count lists.

Pack Sizes

No need for separate listing where different pack sizes of the same product are sold. This allows for consolidated sales history per stock item.

Stock Reports

More than 900 different reports within the stock list allows for “drill down” searches to produce very detailed results.

Financial Reports

The End-of-Period summary is your business operations “health check” at a glance. This can be viewed daily, month to date, monthly, year to date and yearly. Comparisons can be made to previous periods for performance measurement purposes.

Password Controls

Detailed password settings allowing for effective control over user access level

Integrated 3rd party solutions

Our software integrates with mainstream airtime suppliers, credit card machines, scales and electronic shelf talkers. If you would like more information on these integrations, please contact us.


Unipos caters for most types of specials used in the market today. The usual promotions are fixed price specials, combined specials and a variance quantity special. These specials can be configures to start and stop automatically on a specific date. These promotions can also be started and stopped manually. Reporting indicates special sales as a proportion of total sales.