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Liquor Stores

Unipos point of sale has a vast range of features and benefits that all work together to create a powerful management package. A combination of essential features are present across the various software packages. Some of the general features are listed below but also features specifically valuable to liquor stores.

Empties Feature

Link empties with ease to ensure a link to an item. Empties can then automatically be calculated with the selling price or be set to include empty value into the selling price. This offers more security over the discount for the empty on a transaction.

Empties Voucher

This feature facilitates a dedicated point for receiving empties. A cash-up will be generated for the number of empties received at this point and the value thereof. The client receives a virtual empty voucher that can now be redeemed in store. Unipos also has full reporting on vouchers redeemed as well as outstanding vouchers.

Multiple Barcodes

More than 1 barcode per item is allowed without needing to change the item stock code or item itself. Adding multiple barcodes to an item eases out general problems that occur when a supplier changes a barcode. These problems usually are duplicate items, old stock items not scanning anymore and any impact on reporting history of a specific item.

Model Stock Order

Improved productivity through quick efficient processes. “Automatic” recommended order, which is based on rate of sales over a pre-defined period set by user, suggests a stock order that can be placed by the business owner. This calculation is done automatically as set per supplier. Suppliers order period is also set to a part of the rate of sales period. Optimization of stock levels results in improved cashflow

Stock Groups

Group similar product items together to simplify price changes. If item is received and cost is changed the system will automatically ask you to update the group selling price. This keeps the selling price equal over the range of items. Cost of individual items will only change once the items are received.

Global Price Updates

The global price update feature makes updating the selling price increase from the suppliers an effortless task. The ability to load a new list price and set the new selling price beforehand (either per value or %) adds exceptional value. This list can then be finalized on the specific date with the press of a button and all necessary labels will be printed for the shelves.

Pricing Groups

Unipos accommodates 5 different prices per item. This can also be set per debtor/cash client to automatically use a dedicated price level. These prices can also be updated on the sales screen by a user with the specific permission.

Matrix Pricing

In addition to the 5 different selling price levels the system offers, the ability to run a matrix pricing system is also available. The system can be used in various options: Markup on cost, Discount on selling and List Price.  These options can then be set per stock item, stock group, per debtor or cash client. The system will then automatically calculate the selling prices on the sales screen as set on the matrix pricing without any user intervention.