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Hardware Stores

Unipos point of sale has a vast range of features and benefits that all work together to create a powerful management package. Across the various software packages, a combination of essential features are present. Some of the general features are listed below but also features specifically valuable to hardware stores.

Security Checkpoint

Is your hardware store losing stock because of customers that duplicate invoices? We’ve got the solution!

The Unipos security checkpoint feature prints a unique barcode on each invoice, delivery note or collection note. This slip needs to be scanned for the stock to leave the premises. As soon as a copy invoice or forged reprint is scanned at the security checkpoint the system will immediately stop. This will stop any stock going out without paperwork or the correct paperwork for that matter.


This answers questions such as “Is all the stock delivered?” “Which deliveries do I need to send with which driver?” Deliveries are always complicated to handle, especially when it comes to controlling the stock. With Unipos it can be a breeze through easy processing of an invoice to a delivery note. View the weight per delivery as well as outstanding deliveries per category. This module makes it easy to plan trips, control stock out on delivery and view stock to be delivered.


In the hardware industry we have to deal with a lot of contractor’s orders, deliveries and collections. Sales order module is specifically created for tele sales/orders that is partially invoiced as collected. This enables us to keep track of exactly what was initially ordered, what quantity was invoiced as well as any quantity that has been cancelled. Throughout the whole transaction a complete audit trail is kept to easily track stock movement should one need to refer back.


Keeping track of meters of products such as PVC pipe, copper pipe or any product that is sold in fractions is handled perfectly on our system. With the receiving dimension as well as the selling dimension under 1 code. Thus, makes check of available stock per meter or other metric, fairly easy. This can be done in any fractions e.g. 0.2 per meter, 0.50 per meter and so on.