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Unipos point of sale has a vast range of features and benefits that all work together to create a powerful management package. Across the various software packages, a combination of essential features are present. Some of the general features are listed below but also features specifically valuable to business owners who are looking for a point of sale for Butcheries:

Integrated Scale Link

Our software links directly to your scales. This means that no 3rd party software is needed to send product or price updates to your scale. No more instances where your staff will forget to run 3rd party application to send down prices causing you to lose profit. Our system will also immediately notify you when a scale is switch off or cannot communicate. At the sales point the cashier would scan the Scale label and all information such as Weight, Price per KG, total Price will be read from that label.

Recipe Items

With Unipos, butcheries can configure recipes for products that is manufactured inhouse. This keeps a complete stock control over raw material as well as the finished of final product. This also assists with calculating the correct cost for the final product.

Combined Items

This refers to monthly packs, weekly packs and hampers. These items are always a hassle to handle in a Point of sale system. Unipos set these items to a combination item, to easily calculate a cost and work out a selling price correctly. The system then prints a unique barcode for the hamper. Whenever one of these hampers are sold the ingredients gets deducted from the main stock items immediately.