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Welcome to our frequently asked questions section. These questions were asked by business people just like you. So we invite you to send us a message if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Do I have to pay for a demo?

No, you don’t. We fully believe in our software, even to the extent that we are convinced that you’ll do the same after a complete demonstration. So we won’t charge you for the trip, just give us a few minutes of your time.

Where can I get more help?

Please see our contact details below:

1. Support: submit a support ticket or chat live with a Unipos support consultant. Visit our Support website or call 0861 102 320.
2. Sales: Contact Chris Rossouw to arrange a software demonstration at 083 461 3563
3. Consulting: Contact Mark Von Maltitz for any advice on how to optimise business operations through the Unipos point of sale software package – 083 411 9022
4. Accounts & Licenses: Please contact Unipos Head Office at 051 436 9775/ 061 434 2001 to clarify any account or license related questions.

Can I download a play system?

No, unfortunately not. We would rather have you experience Unipos point of sale the best way possible. Therefore, we will gladly schedule a demonstration with you at your earliest convenience.

Are there different training options?

Yes. Unipos has a variety of training options. Below is a list of the most frequently used training options:

  1. Initial 3-day training – we recommend this training option for all new installations. Regardless of the fact that a customer might have worked on Unipos previously, this training will cover in-depth training that will lessen future support calls and issues significantly.
  2. Follow up training per day – at a reduced cost if arranged during the initial 3 day training. If not arranged during initial training normal costs apply.
  3. Training per hour – for customers who already completed a 3-day training and need training on specific features of the software.
  4. Unipos Training Centre – takes place at Head office in Bloemfontein at discounted rates. Bookings can be made via email. To book a training session, please contact mark@unipos.co.za
  5. Training Sessions – group training on specific topics with other businesses in similar geographic areas. If you would like to be notified of any group training sessions in your area, click here to sign up.

Will there be downtime during installation?

No. Initial installation & preparation will take place during trading hours, but will not affect trading of the current system. The main conversion to the new system, will usually take place after the business has closed for the day. This arrangement is based on the request of the business owner.

Will I pay a monthly or yearly license fee ?

Unipos customers usually pay for the system by means of the yearly license fee option. The value of the software package far exceeds its cost. In comparison to other point of sale providers, the Unipos yearly fee is almost equal to the monthly fees of other point of sale providers. Included in the license fees are the following:

  • Software updates (please see FAQ question: “Are Updates Free?”)
  • Unipos remote support
  • 24/365 telephone telephonic support

Can the system work offline?

No. The Unipos software package is a live system. This means that the reporting is also live and accurate. Since this is powerful and valuable data, we try to protect it the best we can. Since being able to work offline opens up a way for this data to be manipulated and much room for error, Unipos point of sale does not accommodate this function.

Are system updates free?

The software update is free of charge and is included in the license fee. However, should you request a technician to facilitate the update, costs for labor and traveling will be for the customer’s account. Alternatively, the updates can be sent via email and installation will be the responsibility of the customer.