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Masterpass Payments now Available!

Masterpass Payments now available! What is Masterpass™? Masterpass is a digital payment solution that allows you to make payments faster by storing all of your payment information in one secure location. Say goodbye to checkout forms, forgotten passwords, or rummaging through your wallet. Download your bank’s Masterpass app today and load a participating credit, debit or […]

29 Oct

Load Shedding making you feel POWERLESS?

  Look no further – We have the solution!   1 x Fivestar/5KVA Inverter with 80amp MPPT 3 x 2.4kWh Pylontech US2000B Li-ion Batteries 1 x ICC Monitoring Software + Pi 12 x 335W Polycrystalline 72 Cell Solar Panels   For  more information: Email sales.fivestar@unipos.co.za Call 051 436 9775

15 Jan

biZAR Rewards by Unipos

Unipos ended a successful 2018 with a new product: biZAR Rewards. Give your store the competitive advantage with this Cash-back solution your customers will appreciate. biZAR is fully integrated with the latest Unipos software and already available at a few stores.

27 Sep

Shield Gauteng Trade Show 2018

Unipos announced the integration of Credit/Debit cards into the Point of Sale System using the Vexen platform and put out a “TEASER” for the upcoming In-Store Rewards system to be rolled out on test during October this year. Both were well received by visiting members and Shield management.

20 Jun

The new Unipos website

Out with the old and in with the new. Welcome to the new Unipos website. We wish to bring our customers the best experience they deserve. Therefore, we are extremely excited to announce that hardware purchases are now available on our website. You can order, choose shipping options and pay directly here on the website.

05 Jun

Integrated Credit Cards – Vexen

As more and more consumers move from paying cash for their goods making use of debit and credit cards this changes the way business administers their banking and reconciliation processes in a non-integrated environment.

18 Oct
Unipos News: New installation_Sakuma

New Unipos Installation: Sakuma Free Market

In June 2017, we were happy to facilitate a new Unipos installation in Tzaneen. A new Unipos installation Sakuma Free Market is a supermarket that sells both bulk and individual products. They stock a varied range of products and needed a point of sale system to have access to a