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Unipos develops, enhances and maintains Point of Sale software systems for use in all retail trading environments. Unipos is currently operational in thousands of entities in Southern Africa and is renowned for speed, power, flexibility and ease of use.

Our objective is to provide our customers with the best overall product, at a very competitive price. The company has developed Point-of-Sale systems for nearly 20 years and the staff complement has supported and implemented retail solutions for an excess of 70 years. Well trained technical teams are installing our software throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries.

A 24/7 support centre caters for all our telephone and online support and arranges for technical assistance if required. We also offer live “online” support. We live and breathe “Point-of-Sale” every day. We are confident in our ability to provide a system that will exceed your needs and expectations.

Unipos Point Of Sale

Unipos POS version 8 in development

Unipos CRM

Unipos CRM hitting the market in 2015 with great success!


From point of sale hardware to telephone systems that link up with our CRM program